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Key information

Our main topics for the year

Although much of our learning is led by the interests of the children, we still have class topics throughout the year.

Autumn term – Dinosaurs, Fairytales and the magic of Christmas!  We will learn about the real giants that once roamed this planet and then read tales of fictional giants of a very different kind from a collection of Fairytales.  We will be learning to sew and getting crafty making presents from recycled materials.

Spring term – Space and Planting and Growing. We will learn all about the Solar System and the different types of planets.  We will consider our place in the world and learn what a Goldilocks planet is.  Once we have understood how much we rely on water and temperatures that are ‘just right’ to survive we will help some seeds and plants to do just that, as we turn our classroom into a magical garden! The whole school will be introduced to a LifeSavers scheme of work and savings club that educates children and families about money management.  As a consequence, Reception class will have a ‘Working Week’ and ‘Real Maths Day’ where they will learn about money, wages, banks and what being in credit and debt means.  If you would like to help or have some ideas about this, please come and talk to Ms Steer.

Summer term – Our planet.  We will take an in depth look at the different parts of the world that our families are from and explore our similarities and differences.  We will be learning about life in deserts, jungles, forests, cities and under the sea. In Science we will explore and sort materials and learn how we can look after the planet that we live on. We will use nature as inspiration to create patterns and costumes in our art lessons.  Parents and carers who would like to share their knowledge and skills are always welcome in class.  Could you come and tell us about another part of the world or share some photos of it?  Maybe you could read us a traditional tale or teach us how to cook a dish that is special to your family?  We love learning new languages too!

Class trip date

Unicorn Theatre on Tuesday 26th  February.  This will be a half-day trip and an early lunch will be eaten in school before we get the train from Blackheath Station to London Bridge.


If your child has medicine to take during the school day, this should be handed in to the office, with a GP letter.  

Drop off / pick up

Please let us know if there are any changes to who is picking up your child.  The best way to do this to either informing staff at drop-off, or contacting the school office (02088523151 or ) who will pass the message on to the teacher.


Children can bring in their own water bottles and they should be clearly labelled.


Please note that birthday cakes, sweets etc. are not permitted but we have a ‘birthday hat’ and song for your child on their special day!