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Friends of St Margaret's

Who are the Friends?
The Friends of St. Margaret’s is a registered charity that was set up as the Parent-Teacher Association where we come together to organise a wide variety of events in order to raise money for the school and to build the community spirit within the school. Most importantly it’s also a chance for the children and their families to have some fun!

When’s the next meeting?
Date to be confirmed. If you want to get more actively involved then please email Liz Proctor on

Upcoming Events

  • Quiz Night: Thursday 23rd March (see flyer below)
  • Easter Egg Raffle: Friday 24th March
  • May Fair: Saturday 13th May (this is a big event so we need lots of volunteers!!)
  • International Day: Friday 23rd June
  • Summer BBQ: Friday 7th July

Recent Fundraising Totals

  • The Valentine's Cake sale raised £255.74 for The Friends of St Margaret's. The DEC Earthquake Disaster Appeal collection, alongside the cake sale, raised £196 (£250 with Gift Aid).
  • The New Year’s Eve Rave raised £769
  • Christmas Cards and Gifts raised a fantastic £186

  • Christmas Tree sales raised £600

  • Christmas Cake sales raised £348