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Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) plays a vital role in creating a strong foundation for our school community. We aim to support new families, to encourage inclusion and to create pathways for those that are just setting out on their journey in education, including children and parents and carers. We create many opportunities for inclusion and pay careful attention to each child's needs, meeting these in a variety of ways. These strategies may take the form of social evenings for parents, weekend storytelling activities for children finding it hard to settle in, or trips to free museums and activities in the local area for families that need the support of a familiar adult accompanying them in an unfamiliar environment.

The characteristics of effective learning are a key element in EYFS. They detail the way in which children learn from their environment, experience and activities. Our curriculum is implemented on a topic-based approach which has been planned to meet the needs of all children. This approach allows children to identify connections between the different areas of learning and use these skills across different contexts, to scaffold and strengthen understanding.

The learning environments, inside and out, promote all seven areas of learning and development and meet the varied needs of early learners. Environments are purposefully responsive and fluid. Children’s new interests and fascinations will be incorporated at speed so that children see the value of their ideas and interests. Children see themselves as able to shape and contribute to their education from the start.

The environment is language-rich and supports children to learn new vocabulary and extend their linguistic skills.  Reading is at the heart of our EYFS curriculum, with high quality core texts and a rigorous phonics scheme to support the children’s early reading experience.  A mastery approach to maths is embedded in reception to allow a smooth transition to KS1.

Early identification of SEND allows rapid interventions to be planned so that all children are able to make excellent progress from their starting points. Throughout the year we celebrate a wide variety of culturally significant days that reflect our community and the wider world as well as religious festivals.

For more detailed information about the EYFS curriculum, please view or download the document EYFS@SML at the foot of the page.

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