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Look left, look right, then look left again!

Keeping up to speed on the ever-changing digital world can be overwhelming.  Being bombarded by advice, guidance, policies and warnings can add to this anxiety. 

It is really important that parents and carers work with us to ensure children stay safe in their use of technology. When we talk about e-safety, we are not just talking about the internet. We are talking about the use of computers, games consoles (such as X-Box), mobile phones, televisions, tablets (such as the iPad) and many other things.

At St Margaret's, we're 'drip-feeding' communication through the newsletter and adding useful videos to this part of the site. 

Please also remember the e-safety responsibilities that we have agreed as a school community (view/download below)

Useful e-safety videos:

Our 3 top tips for internet safety from St Margaret's Lee School on Vimeo.




Setting internet sites up as 'apps' on your mobile device To avoid your child going onto Safari or Google and searching/typing in addresses, you can set up a site like an app.  Watch the video below to see how.

Guided Access Did you know that you can set up an iPad so that the home button is deactivated?  This means you can set up your child on, for example Pocket Phonics, and they can’t then press the home button and play Angry Birds instead!  It’s also a good way of limiting the time your child spends on it. 

Click on the Settings icon, then General, Accessibility, Guided Access. Watch the video below for a step by step guide.