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9.2.18 Issue 249


The way we share curriculum news is evolving. We are currently trialling a Latest News blog, which will become part of the school website (under the calendar, replacing the current grey box that links to the newsletter pdf).


Why are we doing this?

As a growing number of parents and carers are using mobile devices to read school news, it makes sense to present the news stories in a format suited to this. It’s also a much more efficient way of publishing and, in time, will allow more curriculum news to be shared.


If you want to see the trial version of Latest News blog, just type in:


Any feedback will be gratefully received.


Latest news included in the blog:

·         Y5/6 football tournament match report

·         Under the sea – Y1 show

·         Theatre visit

·         Bank of Reception

·         Y6 Hockey tournament report

·         Y4 trip to Hindu temple


Safer internet – parent & carer homework …!

Following class discussions on Safer Internet Day, teachers reinforced the key messages:

1: If you see anything online that you are unhappy with or makes you feel uncomfortable, switch it off and tell an adult.

2: When reading, writing or looking at things online, ask yourself the question: Would my teacher or parent/carer be happy with me doing this? If the answer is no, don’t do it!

Another thing that came out of discussion was that a significant number of children thought their parents didn’t really know what they were doing online. This may not be the case but we ask that all parents and carers set aside some time over half term to talk with their children about the games they play and programmes they watch online.



School Library

The school library has been given a revamp and we now have a team of enthusiastic and dedicated pupil librarians from Year 5 to help Mrs Crispin keep things running smoothly. After the half-term holiday, the library will be open before school every morning for children to borrow books. There will also be book clinic during the school day each Friday, when children will be able to drop in and get recommendations about what they might enjoy reading next. Come and pay us a visit!



Library poster competition

We all have a responsibility to keep our library in good condition and as a school have agreed some ground rules.


We take care of our books.

We all help keep the library tidy.

We respect the calm of the library.

We share stories with our friends and families.


We would love it if pupils would like to create a poster over the holidays for these rules. The best posters will go on display in the library.



World Book Day

World Book Day is Thursday 1st March and we will be celebrating it in style this year! Children are invited to dress up as a favourite book character on that day, with their £1 donation going to Book Aid International ( ), which helps send books to readers who really need them in schools and libraries across Africa. In need of inspiration? Check out for some easy, budget-beating ideas. In addition to our dress-up day, we have a special James and the Giant Peach assembly (thanks Year 3), and a programme of fun activities in store for each class (more details to follow after half-term).

Lent call

As we approach an important time of giving, we are writing to remind you about the incredible fundraising that goes on at St Margaret’s every year during each week of Lent. Our wonderful RE School Council have come together to create our fundraising schedule so please be sure to make a note of the dates below and get involved. The money raised will be given to the Diocese of Southwark Lent Call.


Thank you in advance for your continued support,

Miss Turnbull and the RE School Council


23.2 – Hollywood Friday

1.3 – World Book Thursday

7.3 – Fairtrade Bake-off Wednesday

16.3 – Penny line Friday

w/b 19.3 Sports Relief week


More details in separate letter!


Year 6 Trip

On Tuesday 6th February, year 6 went to the Bromley Jewish Synagogue. There, we learnt about the Jewish holy book, Torah. We tried on a skull cap that men must were when inside a synagogue. Year 6 was taught about Hannukah and what Jewish people do to celebrate it. We learnt that at the age of 13, children must take an exam and study the Torah. Thank you to the parents, Mrs Peters and Mrs Giguel who took us on the trip.



Thu 22nd Y2 assembly


Thu 1st Y3 assembly

Thu 8th Y4 assembly

Fri 9th Friends school disco 6-8.30pm

Mon 12th – 14th Y4 school journey

Thu 15th Y5 assembly

Wed 21st /Thu 22nd parent meetings

Thu 29th last day 1:30pm finish


Mon 16th INSET

Tue 17th First day back


Mon 7th Bank holiday

Thu 10th Y1 assembly

Thu 10th Secondary schools meeting

w/b 14th SATs week – Y6

Thu 24th Rec assembly

w/b 28th half term


Fri 22nd International day (end of International week)

Thu 28th Nursery assembly

Tue 19th Nursery parents welcome 9:30am

Tue 26th Reception parents welcome 9:30am


Fri 6th July Sports day

Wed 11th Governors’ day/Y6 leavers assembly 2:45pm

Wed 11th 7pm Y6 play

Wed 18th    Seaside trip

Fri 20th Last day 1:30pm finish


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